What proxies do you offer?

We offer IPv4 socks4/5, HTTP(S) proxies in IP:Port format

How acan I test your proxies?

Please contact our friendly support to get the most up to date information regarding this issue

Какие способы оплаты Вы поддерживаете?

Для получения теста Вам нужно зарегистрироваться и запросить тестовый доступ в разделе «Стандартные прокси - запросить тест». Для одобрения заявки Вам необходимо написать в службу поддержки.

How do I buy your proxies?

You need to sign up on our service, top up your account balance and select a proxy plan that works best for you

What payment methodes are available at your service?

We accept payments via: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, ethereum, WMZ, WMR, VISA, MasterCard, QIWI, Yandex.Money

Do you guys have threads limitations?

Yes, most of our packs have 500 thread limit, however there are several packs that can be upgraded to 1/2/4k threads, please contact our friendly support for up to date information

How many IP's can I bind to my residential proxy pack?

By default proxy pack is binded to 1 IP, however you can order additional IP slots, please contact our friendly support for up to date information

How quickly do I get my proxies served?

Usually your proxies are available in 20 minutes after you buy them in your account, however on rare occasions it might take a bit more time

Can I pause proxy pack?

Yes, you can pause weekly and monthly packs

When cashback is debeted to my account?

Cashback is debited on the 1st day of every month depending on the amount of funds spend during previous month

Can I withdraw my cashback funds from my account?

No, you can only spend your cashback funds for purchases on our service.

Do I have to store up funds on my cashback balance to pay the whole price of proxy pack with it?

Not necessarily, you can use your cashback balance to partially pay for proxy packs, and you can include what is left to your account balance.

How do I get a higher cashback %?

It's simple as an apple :) by continuing buying proxies on our service you automatically increase you cashback %, the more you spend the more cashback % you gain

Can cashback balance be nullified?

No, you can spend funds from your cashback balance whenever you want

Haven't found the answers?

Not a problem! Just contact our friendly support team and ask them question that bothers you!

Have questions or suggestions?

Ask us and get an answer as soon as possible